Germany: Migrant Suspected of Throwing Young Mother In Front of Train

An Albanian man with a history of criminal violence has been charged with murder after a young mother was thrown in front of a train in Voerde, Germany, local media reports.

Anja N., 34, was allegedly pushed onto the tracks in front of an arriving train by Jackson B., who has been identified as an Albanian from Kosovo, a predominantly Islamic region.

The woman reportedly had no chance to defend herself and was run over by the train and killed.

"He did not know his victim. There was no reason. No quarrel. Nothing," BILD reports. "Nevertheless, on Saturday morning in Voerde, Jackson B. pushed a young woman in front of a train. Treacherous, driven by pure lust for murder."

Jackson B. reportedly has an extensive history of terrorizing his local community, despite only living there for a year, and has served multiple prison sentences for assault and theft.

"We were already afraid that something terrible would have to happen before they locked him up," a local business owner told BILD.

"There's hardly anyone here who hasn't already witnessed one of his freakouts," a neighbor says, with some reports indicating he often stands half-naked and curses at children and passers-by.

Police have reportedly been called to deal with Jackson B. at least a dozen times.

When issuing a warrant for his arrest, Prosecutor Alexander Bayer asserted that the characteristics of "treachery and lust for murder" have been confirmed in the case.

"My wife was murdered today. She was pushed in front of a train by a stranger for no reason,” the victim's husband wrote on Facebook.

Anti-police rhetoric and liberal politicians' lack of action have promoted a culture of violence against the first responders meant to protect the public.

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