Germany: Migrant’s Deportation Suspended After Suicide Threat, Protests

The planned deportation of an Afghan migrant from Germany was suspended after he threatened to kill himself and locals staged aggressive protests against police, according to reports.

Tactical units were deployed to a neighborhood in Nuremberg to capture the 26-year-old Afghan after he escaped officials from the Central Immigration Office and police during a deportation apprehension.

Residents were reportedly trapped in their homes as military police searched for the man, eventually capturing him and preparing him for transport to the airport, where he was scheduled to be returned home.

However, following a medical examination, his deportation was suspended with no further explanation from officials.

The Bavarian Refugee Council reportedly interceded on the Afghan’s behalf.

“We are very worried about Jan Ali H. and are worried that he is trying to kill himself,” said a Council spokeswoman. “We therefore call on the authorities to stop the disproportionate deportation immediately.”

Some 500 pro-migrant demonstrators took to the streets to rally against the man’s deportation and deportations in general, according to a local socialist group.

“There were occasional riots in the assembly procession,” inFranken reports. “For example, at the height of Dr. Heinz-Sebiger-Straße, smoke flares were fired. In addition, a Bengal torch flew in the direction of the police forces. Then there was a short-lived mix between police and protesters.”

“An official was injured. The police have so far been unable to provide information about the injured among the protesters.”

Europe appears lost as reports emerge that German police are actually covering up migrant crimes to push the narrative that migrants are never violent or break the law and should be welcomed with open arms.

(PHOTO: Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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