German Politician Slams Mild Ruling for Migrant Gang's Violent Rampage

One member of a gang of migrants who attacked 21 people during a violent rampage in Amberg, Germany, was sentenced to juvenile detention while the rest of his accomplices will be placed on probation, according to local media.

Four asylum seekers from Iran and Afghanistan have been convicted following a late 2018 episode in which the young men assaulted their victims at random, including a father with his toddler, a 13-year-old boy, and police officers, as Infowars Europe reported at the time.

The aggressors reportedly hurled vicious insults at their victims, calling one young girl a "hooker" and another boy a "n*gger" during a booze and drug-fueled reign of terror that went on for hours and left at least 15 people injured.

"The Amberg Local Court sentenced three accused persons from Afghanistan to suspended sentences of between six and 13 months imprisonment for juvenile offenders on the basis of an agreement reached at the beginning of the trial," Merkur reports.

"The main defendant, who was originally from Iran, was sentenced to two years and seven months in juvenile detention and was also admitted to a clinic for rehab."

A defense attorney blames "group dynamic" and "alcohol consumption" for his clients' behavior, claiming that because the victims did not require "treatment in the intensive care unit," then lenient sentencing is justified.

MP Peter Boehringer (AfD) blasted the ruling, asserting the perpetrators had benefitted from a mild application of the law.

"The full leniency of the rule of law for the beating mob of asylum seekers is irritating," Boehringer said. "Several Afghans and an Iranian attacked 21 people indiscriminately in Amberg and injured 15, some of them seriously."

"The sentences of probation that have now been handed down are a fatal signal. The rule of law misses the chance for a tough crackdown, and unsettles righteous German citizens as well as peace-loving refugees."

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