GERMANY: Stabbing Rampage By Afghan Suspect Blamed On "Deep Psychiatric Illness"

An Afghan migrant was arrested following a stabbing rampage that wounded three in Ravensburg, Germany, but officials quickly blamed the suspect's "deep psychiatric illness" and urged the community to "stand together" against "hatred and malice."

The alleged attacker, who is believed to be a 21-year-old 'asylum seeker' from Afghanistan, is said to have embarked on a mission to confront a work colleague whom had offended or teased him.

He told the colleague to meet him in the Marienplatz town square and proceeded to purchase a kitchen knife before the encounter, Germany media reports.

When the Afghan's colleague didn't show, he turned the knife "suddenly and as part of a psychotic experience" on bystanders, two of whom happened to also be 'asylum seekers' from Syria.

A 52-year-old man who attempted to intervene was also badly injured in the bloodbath.

Investigators told Stern the suspect had psychological issues and "may not have taken his medication."

Officials are speculating that the suspect may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time living in Afghanistan, and German media are emphasizing the fact that he has no known history of aggression since arriving in the country in 2016.

"We do not let people divide us apart, who are now abusing this terrible act for political purposes and pouring out hatred and malice on all those who stand and stand for cohesion in this city," declared Integration Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Manne Lucha, a member of the Green party.

(PHOTO: Andreas Praefcke / Wikimedia Commons)

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