Germany: Student With ‘Migration Background’ Arrested for Stabbing Teacher to Death

A teenager with a ‘migration background’ was arrested for fatally stabbing his teacher at a school in Germany this week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded on Tuesday in Ibbenbüren, a town in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Authorities received an emergency call from a 17-year-old male who reportedly said he had stabbed his teacher with a knife at Tecklenburger Land Vocational College.

Officers arrived and found the body of a 55-year-old woman in her classroom where she had been alone when the suspect confronted her.

The teen was taken into custody without resistance and was expected to be presented to a judge on Wednesday.

“Suspect Sinan B. reportedly had problems at school. This was confirmed by the prosecutor's office in a press release. According to information from RTL West, the defendant is a German with an immigrant background," RTL initially reported, according to FDesouche.

"Incidentally, the young man who stabbed his teacher in the classroom is a German with a migration background named Sinan. Just in case you are asked again why some people like me have such a first name fetish: because it is confirmed again and again," Germany columnist Anabel Schunke wrote on Wednesday, citing an article from RTL.

Another Twitter user posted a photograph of a German newspaper describing the suspect as having a "migration background."

However, that information is now apparently being scrubbed or withheld, as no mention of the suspect's background can be found in RTL's current reporting.

The suspect had reportedly been issued a suspension or expulsion on Tuesday after repeated conflicts with school staff.

Many members of the local community are mourning the death of the victim, who was apparently very popular among students.

“Mrs. K. was a great class teacher, the best of the whole school,” one pupil said.

An investigation and legal proceedings are ongoing.

Despite migrants continuing to perpetrate heinous acts of violence against Germans, officials and law enforcement frequently warn citizens against developing 'anti-immigrant' sentiments.

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