Greece Announces Many Migrants Arriving Via Turkey Can No Longer Apply for Asylum

Migrants from select countries who pass through Turkey will no longer be welcome to apply for asylum in Greece, according to reports.

Athens has now designated Turkey a 'safe country' for asylum seekers coming a list of predominantly Islamic nations.

Moving forward, most migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia will see their asylum claims rejected if they arrived in Greece via Turkey.

Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis explained the decision in a statement released on Monday.

Designating Turkey as a safe third country is an important step in tackling illegal immigration flows and the criminal activity of smuggling networks.
As a product of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, the Joint Ministerial Decision is fully in line with international law and shields Greece's legal arsenal against requests from citizens from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, who objectively have no reason not to consider Turkey a safe country.
Above all, however, it is another step towards the full and unwavering implementation of the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration, which obliges the neighboring country not to allow smuggling rings and the passage to Greece.

Thousands of migrants are currently living in asylum camps on the Greek mainland and islands in the Aegean Sea.

United Nations data reportedly indicates nearly half (47%) of migrants in island camps claim to be from Afghanistan, while 15% claim to be Syrians and 9% have identified themselves as Somalis.

Thousands of Somalis have migrated into Turkey in the hopes of reaching Greece in the past year, as Infowars Europe reported in December.

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