Greece: Migrants Suspected of Setting Fires at Another Asylum Center

Greek authorities have reportedly arrested migrants in connection with fires at an asylum center on the island of Samos, just days after a massive camp on Lesvos was burned down in suspected arson attacks.

Multiple blazes have broken out at the Reception and Identification Center for Asylum Seekers (KYT) on Samos in recent days.

“Firefighters rushed to the scene with 12 firefighters and 6 vehicles and managed to extinguish the fire,” EfSyn reports.

“At the same time, some refugees and migrants left the KYT, on the occasion of the outbreak of the fire.”

Three foreign minors were charged with arson following the blaze, which caused "significant damage to the premises," police said.

Days earlier, two men from Syria and Gambia were arrested under suspicion of having set fires at the same facility, according to Proto Thema.

As many as 6,000 migrants have been staying at the camp on Samos, which was designed to only hold approximately 650 people.

The Moria camp on the island of Lesvos, which was holding around 12,000 migrants, was almost completely destroyed by major fires earlier this month.

Six Afghan migrants, including two supposed 'minors,' have been charged with setting the devastating blazes at Moria.

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