Greece Planning 'Floating Barrier System' to Defend Sea Border Against Migrants

Greece is making arrangements to install a "floating barrier system" in an effort to deter boatloads of migrants from arriving on its island shores, according to reports.

The "netted barrier" would reportedly be fitted with lights and stand some 20 inches above the sea.

"The Defense Ministry has invited private contractors to bid on supplying a 2.7-kilometer-long (1.7 miles) floating fence within three months, according to information available on a government procurement website Wednesday," the Associated Press reports.

“The government’s description says the ‘floating barrier system’ needs to be built ‘with non-military specifications’ and ‘specific features for carrying out the mission of (maritime agencies) in managing the refugee crisis.’”

The project's estimated cost is $550,000, but there is not yet any indication when construction would begin.

"This contract process will be executed by the Defense Ministry but is for civilian use — a process similar to that used for the supply of other equipment for (camps) housing refugees and migrants,” an official told the AP under condition of anonymity.

Approximately 75,000 migrants arrived in Greece in 2019, with roughly 60,000 traveling by sea, according to the U.N. refugee agency. More than 3,000 have already arrived in 2020.

Greece's eastern islands have suffered the brunt of an endless migration flow that rapidly escalated again during the second half of 2019, as Infowars Europe has regularly reported.

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