Greece: Truckload of Migrants Injured, Killed When Driver Crashes Fleeing Police

Over a dozen migrants were injured and one killed when a human smuggler crashed a truck while fleeing police in Greece last week, according to reports.

The deadly incident unfolded on Saturday in Thrace, a region in the northeast of the country near Turkey.

The driver of a pickup truck, who was later identified as a Georgian national, sped through a checkpoint and slammed into a fence, the Associated Press reports.

The vehicle rolled over several times before coming to a halt.

Some of the occupants tried to escape, including the driver, but they were quickly apprehended.

One migrant of unknown nationality died in the wreck and 16 more, all of whom claimed to be from Syria, were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

Another car carrying migrants was reportedly intercepted in the same area that day and the driver was arrested.

Migration pressure is increasing along the Evros River, which separates northeastern Greece from Turkey.

Last month, Greek authorities revealed they have thwarted tens of thousands of illegal crossings at the land border with Turkey so far this year.

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