Greek Orthodox Church Trashed by 'Refugees'

An orthodox church on the Greek island of Lesbos was trashed by refugees, according to local media reports.

“On Monday, more than 500 refugees grouped together to head down to the port of Mytilini from Moria camp,” reports the Greek City Times.

“The group were confronted by members of MAT (Tactical Police) along the way, and resorted to stoning the Greek authorities in order to continue in their journey, only to be met with chemical and flash grenades.”

Images show the church vandalized with debris strewn everywhere.


Greece is currently being besieged by migrants rushing to its border attempting to reach northern European welfare havens and thousands have tried to reach Lesbos via boat.

Turkey’s President Erdogan opened the floodgates in response to an airstrike in Syria which killed 30 Turkish soldiers. He is demanding NATO support in Turkey’s fight against the Russian-backed Syrian army.

Erdogan warned that “millions” of migrants would eventually make their way to Europe.

Churches and Christian statues have been targeted in increasing numbers since Europe threw open its doors to migrants from the Middle East.

Another church in France was destroyed by fire last night, with footage showing the spire of the Saint Trivier de Courtes collapsing while ablaze.


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