Hamburg Christmas Market to Segregate the Unvaccinated

Hamburg Christmas market has announced it will segregate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated by preventing those who haven’t had the jab from buying food and drink.

Yes, really.

The market will be separated into two areas, one consisting of retail stores where everyone will be allowed to visit so long as they wear masks and practice social distancing.

However, the food area, which is the main reason people visit Christmas markets, will only be open to those who are fully vaccinated or who can prove they have recovered from the virus.

There will be no option to provide a negative test result, despite the fact that the vaccinated can still transmit the virus, while those who don’t have it obviously can’t.

This means that the unvaccinated won’t be able to enjoy the traditional Christmas fare of mulled wine, bratwurst, and other refreshments.

Numerous other Christmas markets across the country have cancelled their events entirely, while it remains to be seen whether Germany will follow the example of Austria in imposing a total lockdown on the unvaccinated.

As we previously highlighted, unvaccinated people will be banned entirely from attending Berlin’s Christmas market, with the option to provide a negative test result also removed.

That ensures that only those potentially infected with COVID (the vaccinated) will be allowed to attend the venue.



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