Hand Grenade Discovered Near Dutch Mayor's Home

A live hand grenade was discovered near the home of a local mayor in Kerkdriel, the Netherlands, prompting authorities to evacuate the neighborhood, according to reports.

The incendiary was found at approximately 5:30 am at an apartment building occupied by Henny van Kooten, mayor of Maastriel, the municipality in which Kerkdriel lies.

"Hand grenade found in Kerkdriel (municipality of Maasdriel). Investigations by emergency services and houses in the neighborhood have been evacuated," the local security office announced.

"The grenade has been disarmed. The immediate environment is being further investigated. Until that time, the area around Gasthuisplein will remain closed.”

Mayor van Kooten told local media he believes the grenade was intended to threaten or harm him.

“It is sad that this is happening. It is not new that I am threatened. As a mayor, I have been threatened often, but not in this way. My primary concern now is the population,” van Hooten said, according to NL Times.

“I can't think of anyone else for whom it can be intended.”

Dutch media has also speculated the grenade may have been directed at a local produce market where employees discovered a large quantity of narcotics hidden inside fruit shipments from South America and later received death threats for reporting the contraband to police.

The number of incidents involving hand grenades has risen dramatically in the Netherlands, as Infowars Europe has reported, with more grenade-related crimes in the past two years than the previous 10 years combined.

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