High-Speed Train Collides With Steel Wire in Possible Terror Attack

A high-speed train in Germany collided with steel wire stretched across the tracks in a failed sabotage attempt that is being investigated as a possible terror attack.

Authorities discovered massive wooden wedges and steel cable remains at the determined point of impact alongside the tracks as well as a threatening letter written in Arabic.

"The letter was translated," said an official, adding it contained "abstract threats.”

There is no further information on the content of the letter.

Authorities believe the impact occurred on October 7th and the discovery of the damages was made by the conductor after ending his route from Nuremberg to Munich.

Additionally, the search for evidence took place only after federal authorities were made aware of the incident - more than two weeks after the impact occurred.  

The delay for the investigation is still unclear, according to local media.

The Bavarian Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism of the Prosecutor General's Office (ZET) has accepted the case and are planing to talk to the passengers who were onboard at the time for any leads.

(PHOTO: Sebastian Kasten via Wikimedia Commons)

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