Hollywood Meddles in German Mayoral Election in Effort to Defeat AfD Candidate

Hollywood is meddling in the mayoral election of a small town in Germany in an effort to stop the right-wing AfD candidate from winning.

In the first round of the vote for Mayor of Goerlitz, the AfD’s Sebastian Wippel picked up 36.4% of the vote, beating the second place establishment CDU candidate.

The picturesque old town area of Goerlitz has been the site of numerous historical Hollywood movies over the years, including Inglourious Basterds and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Because of this, the industry now appears to think it can meddle in the democratic affairs of German residents of the town in an effort to prevent the election of the first AfD Mayor.

A joint petition signed by writers and directors from both Germany and Hollywood urges residents of Goerlitz not to give in to “hate and hostility” by voting for Wippel.

However, most of the locals interviewed for an RT piece were adamant that Hollywood leftists should mind their own business.

“I think the people of Goerlitz are smart enough to decide for themselves, I think that imposing someone else’s opinion, for example from America, is unacceptable,” said one.

“If they don’t live here then they shouldn’t meddle in our local affairs,” added another.

The second round of the vote takes place later this week.


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