Homeless Woman Raped By Iraqi Migrant In Sweden

An Iraqi migrant has been convicted in the rape of a homeless woman in Gothenburg, Sweden, according to local media.

Goran, an Iraqi citizen born in 1979, was recently sentenced to two years in prison – the minimum sentence for rape in Sweden – for the attack, which took place in January.

"No one will believe you because you are homeless," Goran told his victim after the assault.

Goran had reportedly approached the woman while she waited at a tram station and volunteered to accompany her on her journey.

He then offered to pay the woman for sex, but she says she refused.

"He asked me in English about sex. I said I was not interested. Then he raped me," the victim testified during trial.

The woman says she was able to kick Goran in the genitals and escape.

“Goran is sentenced to two years in prison for, which is the minimum sentence for rape,” Fria Tider reports.

“He is also sentenced to ten years of expulsion. He will also pay SEK 115,000 in damages to the woman.”

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(PHOTO: Bildfokus/Getty Images | Sweden Police)

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