Hundreds of Iraqi Migrants Flown Home After Being Repelled by Lithuanian Border Guards

The Iraqi government has retrieved hundreds of its citizens from Belarus after they were forcefully repelled at the Lithuanian border, according to reports.

More than 300 migrants boarded special flights from Minsk to Baghdad last week during an operation organized by Iraqi authorities.

Thousands of illegal aliens hailing mostly from the Middle East and Africa have been pouring into Lithuania through Belarus amid deteriorating relations between Minsk and the European Union.

Flights carrying 80 and then 240 Iraqis departed Minsk on August 9 and 10, respectively.

The Iraqis had originally traveled to Belarus with the intention of continuing onward into the European Union.

"As the migrants told reporters, the Belarusian border guards did not prevent them from crossing the border, however, on the Lithuanian side, the border guards met them with dogs, fired shots in the air and forced them to turn back," Deutsche Welle reports.

Border guards in Lithuania were recently authorized to use "deterrent actions" to repel migrants as Vilnius declared illegal entries would no longer be tolerated.

"Anyone attempting to enter Lithuanian territory illegally will be refused entry and will be directed to the nearest operational international border checkpoint," Rustamas Liubajevas, head of the Lithuanian border guard, warned earlier this month.

"Deterrent actions may be taken against those who do not comply."

More than 4,000 migrants, many of whom are Iraqis, have entered Lithuania so far this year - up from just 81 in 2020.

After Iraqi Airways initially announced plans to double the number of flights to Minsk in August, Iraq temporarily suspended all flights to Belarus under pressure from the E.U.

The substantial uptick in migrant traffic came after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to allow aliens and drugs to flood Europe amid fraying diplomatic ties with the E.U. earlier this year.

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