Hundreds of Migrants Attempt English Channel Crossing

Hundreds of migrants were intercepted attempting to illegally cross the English Channel from France to England last week, according to reports.

At least 13 boats carrying over 200 migrants were caught in one 24-hour period alone.

More than 220 migrants were encountered during a dozen incidents earlier in the week, with most of the interceptions being executed by French border patrols.

"It appears to be a tactic to try to overwhelm both the French and British authorities so at least some get through,” a source told the Sun.

France says it deployed 450 additional officers to the Calais region, where traffickers and migrants typically launch their vessels.

Nearly 1,500 migrants have reportedly attempted to cross the Channel so far this year - up from 511 during the same period in 2020.

By the end of February, the number of Channel crossings was already on pace to shatter last year's staggering numbers.

"What is perhaps more worrying is that the number of attempted crossings has shot up by 50% to nearly a 1,000 in the first six weeks of the year alone. This is suggests that traffickers and those would enter illegally are becoming more emboldened by the government’s weak response," Migration Watch U.K. warned in February.

Infowars Europe has documented the monumental increase of illegal migration along the English Channel in recent years.

More migrants made the crossing last September than during the entirety of 2019.

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