Hundreds of Migrants Escape Quarantine Camps in Italy

Hundreds of illegal migrants have broken out of coronavirus quarantine camps on the Italian island of Sicily, according to reports.

According to some estimates, over 700 migrants have managed to escape multiple detention centers on the island, where they had been held after arriving en masse from Africa in recent days.

Up to 520 migrants fled from a tent at detention facility designed to hold just 100 people in Porto Empedocle on Monday, Il Primato Nazionale reports.

Former Deputy Prime Minister shared video footage of the jailbreak on social media.

“Immigrants flee en masse from the tensile structure. A disaster. Italians monitored at home and on the beach, while illegal immigrants are free to do what they want,” Salvini wrote.

The mass exodus came just hours after another break-out in which at least 184 migrants fled from a detention center in Caltanissetta, also on Sicily.

Authorities say they managed to recapture 118 of the escapees after a lengthy overnight search, but the status of the remaining fugitives is unclear.

Italy's southernmost islands are being overrun by migrants who are arriving by boat with the help of human traffickers and NGOs.

Over 1,000 migrants, most coming from Tunisia, have arrived illegally on Lampedusa since mid-July, according to InfoMigrants.

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