Hundreds of Migrants Take Over Empty Paris School

An empty school building in Paris was taken over by hundreds of homeless migrants with the help of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), according to reports.

Roughly 300 illegal aliens entered the facility in the the 16th arrondissement of the French capital on Sunday, intending to make it their home.

Activists from multiple NGOs assisted the migrants in cleaning the building and setting up tents and bedding before police arrived.

The migrants, with representation from NGO groups, had been demanding the government provide them with shelter.

"The partially destroyed nursery school building was declared dangerous and has been vacant for the last two years. It is one of 489 structures listed as free for sheltering by the State," the Anadolu Agency reports.

Paris Deputy Mayor Ian Brossat visited the school to inform the migrants they could not stay there due to security concerns, but arranged to move them to multiple gymnasiums around the city.

“Usually this is a responsibility of the national government, but Parisian authorities will provide gymnasiums for the homeless, which have heating arrangements and are more secure, temporarily until the government finds a solution," Brossat said.

NGO activists say they intend to continue pushing the issue until the migrants are given more permanent housing.

“The goal is not to stay put but to obtain shelter for those on the street. We will ensure that these gymnasiums are followed by real accommodation solutions," said Yann Manzi, founder of Utopia56.

“It is the government’s decision to leave them in the street. All the hostels in Paris are empty. Why can’t the migrants be accommodated there?"

Multiple elected officials reportedly praised the occupation of the building, even visiting the site to offer their support.

Biden voter remorse is already building just days into new administration.

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