Migrants Pour Across English Channel

The explosive surge of migrants illegally crossing the English Channel shows no signs of abating as hundreds more have reached U.K. shores in recent days, according to reports.

At least 85 migrants aboard six boats entered British waters on Wednesday and were brought to land by U.K. authorities.

Just eight of the arrivals were female, while the other 78 were males, authorities told Westmonster.

The migrants identified themselves as citizens of Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, Yemen, Kuwait, Palestine, Vietnam, and Turkey.

“We are continuing to take action to stop these dangerous crossings – making arrests, returning people and intercepting boats. The French have prevented more than 200 attempts in the past week alone,” said Chris Philip, Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts.

“But there is still more to do which is why we have set up a new Franco-British intelligence cell, which will go after the criminals facilitating these crossings.”

Wednesday's rush comes after at least 180 migrants crossed the Channel in fifteen vessels on Sunday and another 200 or more were reportedly prevented from leaving French waters.

Brexit architect Nigel Farage, who has been working to expose the Channel migration crisis, indicated Sunday's numbers may have actually been far higher.

“My sources tell me a record 200 illegals came into Dover on the day [U.K. Home Secretary] Priti Patel went to France to look at this crisis,” Farage tweeted on Sunday along with footage of migrants arriving at port. "Will the Home Office give us the truth about numbers?"

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