Hundreds of Migrants Squatting in Abandoned Bosnian Factory Moved to Asylum Camp

Bosnian authorities moved a large group of illegal migrants out of an abandoned factory and into an asylum center in the border town of Bihac, according to reports.

Around 260 mostly-male migrants hailing from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh were squatting in a former metal factory used as a shelter by illegal aliens for the past three years or more.

On Tuesday, local police relocated them to the nearby 'Lipa' camp, a facility that was destroyed by fire in December of 2020, but re-inhabited shortly after.

"Several migrant camps have been set up in the area in order to remove the migrants from the streets of the local towns, including Bihac, where locals organised several protests asking state authorities to help deal with the situation," N1 reports.

"However, many migrants still set up camps in abandoned buildings in the area."

Bihac Mayor Suhret Fazlic says there are at least 1,000 migrants living in 'unofficial' camps around the town, including more than 300 in another vacant business.

Fazlic claims it is virtually impossible to crack down on all migrant encampments because "there is simply too many of them."

Bihac, along with other Bosnian border towns, has long been overrun with migrants who have terrorized citizens and transformed local society with their presence, as Infowars Europe has frequently reported.

Bihac’s native population is approximately 40,000, but thousands of migrants are present at any given time, the vast majority of whom are 'military-aged males.'

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