Hundreds of Migrants Storm Border of Spanish Enclave In Africa

Hundreds of African migrants stormed the border fence of Melilla, a sovereign Spanish enclave located in Morocco, despite a coronavirus lockdown imposed upon residents of both countries.

Some 260 illegal aliens who mostly hailed from sub-Saharan Africa attempted to penetrate Melilla's border defenses, making it the largest incursion of its kind since May of 2019, according to local media.

A total of 53 migrants successfully invaded Spanish territory, enabling at least 15 to claim asylum and reap the benefits of lax E.U. immigration policies, while 38 others were rejected and turned over to Moroccan authorities.

“The group that was able to reach Spanish soil headed for the Centro de Estancia Temporal de Inmigrantes of Melilla to be received. Due to security measures for the coronavirus, they remained waiting at the port, and 20 of them were treated by the Red Cross, mostly for injuries and stitches," FaroTV Melilla reports.

"They used metal hooks in their attempt and threw rocks at police," said police chief Jose Manuel Santiago.

Officials called the assault a "massive and violent crossing."

At least one Guardia Civil agent was wounded during the siege, while four migrants were injured and transported to hospital to receive medical care for bone fractures and a head wound.

Thousands of migrants are regularly present in the vicinities of Melilla and Ceuta, both autonomous Spanish cities located on the African continent are frequently targeted for such attacks by large groups seeking instant rewards for reaching E.U. domain.

Translation and transcription provided courtesy of RAIR Foundation.

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