Hundreds of Migrants Storm Paris Pantheon Demanding Legal Status

Hundreds of mostly-African migrants invaded the Pantheon monument in Paris demanding legal residence status from the French government.

Approximately 200 - 300 migrants calling themselves "Gilets Noirs" (Black Vests) – presumably an effort to copy the 'Yellow Vests' protest movement – swarmed the iconic mausoleum in central Paris vowing to occupy it until they were granted documents.

"Several hundred ‘Black Vests,’ a collective of undocumented migrants, invaded the Pantheon in Paris this Friday at midday,” Actu17 reports. “They are demanding an appointment with Prime Minister Philippe, but also papers ‘for all.’”

Some 50 - 6o police officers were deployed to the scene and eventually removed all protests after an occupation that lasted a few hours.

In May, hundreds of 'Black Vests' stormed Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, overrunning a terminal while making similar demands for legal residence papers.

Katie Hopkins claims the UK court that wrongly convicted Tommy Robinson had to make up a law to charge and convict the citizen journalist.

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