Hungarian Parliament Says IDs Must Reflect Biological Sex

Hungarian lawmakers have voted to approve a bill mandating that a person's biological sex must be accurately reflected on their identity documents.

The measure, which was included as an article in a broader omnibus bill, effectively blocks transgender people from altering their sex on identity papers, such as birth and marriage certificates or ID cards.

All legal identity documents would contain an entry for "sex assigned at birth," which would be determined primarily by a child's X and Y chromosome count, according to Mandiner.

"The gender as entered into the registry is based on a fact determined by a doctor," the amendment reportedly states.

After sailing through parliament by a 134 to 56 margin, the bill heads for review by President János Áder, who is expected to sign it.

"Replacing the changeable characteristic of 'sex' with an immutable one, 'sex assigned at birth,' in practice Hungary has made legal gender recognition, the process by which trans and intersex people can bring their documents into alignment with their gender identity, impossible," ILGA Europe reports.

Transgender people will reportedly struggle to select new names appropriate for their desired sex, as Hungarians are required to choose first names from a gender-specific list maintained by the Academy of Sciences.

While international groups and LGBT activists are outraged by the proposal, "most Christian churches are in favor of the change and the social media response - while polarized - is also mostly supportive of the change in law," Remix News reports.

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