Hungarian TV Host: “Western Civilization Is Digging Its Own Grave”

A prominent Hungarian TV host offered his opinion that Western civilization is in the midst of suicidal self-destruction during a hard-hitting monologue and subsequent interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Zsolt Bayer, an award-winning journalist and author, recently dropped a sobering succession of truth bombs that would likely have cost him his job at many mainstream media outlets.

Speaking on the mostly phony 'refugee crisis' and how it contrasts with a true catastrophe unfolding in South Africa, Bayer urged that European nations should welcome the persecuted white farmers as true asylum seekers who would benefit their hosts and happily integrate, in stark contrast with millions of Islamic migrants who have flooded much of Europe and are wreaking havoc.

"We will refuse to let in one type only: the illegal migrants from the Middle East, the Far East and Africa," Bayer said. "Those should not come, thank you very much. They should stay home - everybody has a homeland. They should live there and maybe it would be time to create order there."

"Maybe it would be time for Europe and the developed Western world to realize that if this continues, it will be the end, because Western civilization is digging its own grave."

Bayer's warning rings true with many Europeans - the majority of whom desire a full stop to Islamic immigration.

In a study published in 2017 by Chatham House, the globalist think tank made a stunning revelation, finding that "across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed."

Over 10,000 Europeans were surveyed - a massive sample size.

Bayer's warnings echo those of his friend, PM Orbán, whose efforts to protect his nation from the EU's maniacal push to eliminate Europe's borders and culture are unmatched.

"Africa wants to kick down our door, and Brussels is not defending us," Orbán warned during a recent speech to a historic crowd of supporters and Magyar patriots. "Hungary and Europe face a mass migration wave which endangers the way of life of their peoples. Europe is under invasion. The situation is that those who don’t block migration at their borders will be lost."

"We are expected to willingly hand over [our country] within a few decades… to foreigners from other continents who don’t speak our language, respect our culture, our laws or way of life."

Hungary will hold major elections on April 8 that will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of Western civilization.

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