Hungary Arrests Syrian Migrant Suspected of Running Human Trafficking Ring

Hungarian authorities arrested a Syrian man suspected of operating a human trafficking ring in the country.

The suspect is one of a relatively small number of Syrian nationals granted asylum status by the Hungarian government.

“Budapest’s deputy chief prosecutor, Pál Fürcht said the 37-year-old man is suspected of acting as a leader of an international human smuggling ring and is being held in custody for a month,” About Hungary reports.

“The man had earlier been granted asylum in Hungary and was living in Budapest.”

The Syrian is believed to have overseen a trafficking pipeline that moved migrants from third countries into the European Union via the Hungary-Serbia border, and on to Austria.

A Palestinian national and two Hungarian citizens were also arrested, all suspected of acting as accomplices in the illicit enterprise.

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party recently called an emergency convention of its anti-migration cabinet to address mounting pressure along the country's southern border.

State Secretary Szilárd Németh asserted that while the situation is currently under control, things are “beginning to look like the big crisis in 2015.”

Németh confirmed 100,000 migrants are amassing in the Balkans, and if they are “let loose on the Hungarian border, there could be big trouble, and we must prepare for that possibility.”

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