Hungary Closes Borders Again, Announces Stricter Mask Rules

New restrictions has been announced on Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gergely Gulyas, the head of the prime minister’s office said at his weekly press conference that even today’s relatively high numbers can still be considered good, but the coronavirus epidemic is clearly spreading.

The majority of infections are coming from abroad, and the greatest risk is the threat this poses to the economy, jobs and the start of the school year, Gulyas warned.

“Regarding border protection, Hungary is returning to the rules of the first wave,” he announced.

“As a main rule, from the beginning of September, foreign citizens may not enter the territory of Hungary, only in justified cases; for Hungarian citizens coming from abroad, the requirement is 14 days compulsory home quarantine or two negative coronavirus tests,” he said according to About Hungary, adding that these tests must be performed in Hungary.

“We can only accept results if the testing takes place under controlled laboratory conditions in Hungary,” Gulyas explained.

Answering a question from the press, Gulyas said that current measures may remain in force for at least one month, by which time the national consultation will be completed, after which new measures may be considered.

Finally, answering another question, the minister said that in contrast to the situation in March, the Hungarian healthcare system is now prepared for protection against the epidemic, so there is no need for a curfew, for example, as in the spring.

“At the same time, mask-wearing will be more strictly controlled, and the legal conditions for this are still in place,” he concluded.

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