Hungary Border Policy Stirs Controversy Among NGO Activists

Hungary has been accused of using 'starvation tactics' to deter illegal aliens at the border by non-governmental organizations who have lobbied the European Court of Human Rights to intervene.

According to reports, some migrants attempting to cross the Serbian border into Hungary are rejected and ordered to return to Serbia - or remain in a 'transit zone' where food may not be freely provided during an appeals process, whichever they prefer.

"The government has stooped to a new inhumane low by refusing food to people in their custody, apparently revelling in breaching human rights law, including its obligations as a European Union member," Lydia Gall of Human Rights Watch said in a statement. "This disregard for people’s wellbeing smacks of a cynical move to force people to give up their asylum claims and leave Hungary."

Telesur has unabashedly called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán "one of the most openly racist opponents of the EU’s migration policy" in covering this episode.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC), which is lobbying on behalf of migrants attempting to enter Hungary, recently issued a statement which openly admits that migrants are free to travel back to Serbian territory if their asylum claims are rejected, but are forewarned that food may not be provided to them if they opt to file an appeal.

"Despite challenging the rejection of their asylum claim in court, they are expelled from Hungary and ordered to stay in the transit zone... the Immigration and Asylum Office informs foreigners that they will not be given food in the transit zone but can freely decide to return to Serbia at any time..."

As part of their recently-passed "Stop Soros" legislation package, Hungary enacted new policies in July that empower them to reject most asylum claims by entrants coming from Serbia on the grounds that they have already passed through a "safe country."

Rulings by the European Court of Human Rights on a case-by-base have forced Hungary to provide food to select individuals and families, and under additional pressure from activists groups, all migrants in transit zones are now being provided with food, according to a new statement from HHC.


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