Hungary Maintains 'Zero Tolerance for Migration'

Hungary has a policy of zero tolerance for migration and will never back any document that uses the UN’s global migration compact as a point of reference, the foreign minister said on Sunday, responding to a query by MTI.

Peter Szijjarto commented on recent reports by several Hungarian news portals citing a German news agency’s EU diplomatic source as saying that Hungary’s government has refused all of the European Union’s offers of a compromise on a joint position on migration, and has isolated itself within the bloc.

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“Pro-migration politicians are continuing to run amok,” the minister said.

Every EU document will try to refer to the UN’s global migration compact in spite of the fact that nine EU member states did not vote for it, he added.

Szijjarto said the Hungarian government will never support the compact, which he said wanted to facilitate immigration. “A document on which there is no unanimous agreement by all member states cannot be a point of reference,” he said.

Hungarian Interior Ministry Press Office / Handout / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

The minister added that Hungary’s isolation “has long been a pipe dream for those who support migration.”

“Anyone who says no to migration will continue to be our ally,” he added.

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