Millions of Migrants From Asia, Africa Coming to Europe - Hungary PM

The defense of Europe against mass migration is a critical issue moving forward as millions are expected to arrive in coming years, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned.

Population explosions in Africa and Asia are increasingly driving many from their home countries towards Europe, PM Orbán said during a weekly radio interview, according to About Hungary.

“The pressure of migration will only grow further in coming decades," Orbán said. "The European population has been on the decline, while the opposite is the case in places like Asia or Africa."

"This situation will necessitate a much stronger border control system. Millions will arrive, and one of our most important tasks will be to defend our people."

Orbán asserted that E.U. globalists welcome mass migration as a supposed remedy to European population decline, instead of implementing policies that encourage the native citizenry to have more and bigger families.

“European politicians want to legalize immigration, thinking that’s the right solution,” Orbán said. “We see it otherwise. The decline of the population should be resolved by a better-directed reproduction policy, which is why we organized a national consultation, where hundreds of thousands had the chance to make their opinions heard.”

“And even then, this puts us in the minority, as we took the chance to listen to the voice of our people. The question remains: how will we implement the allocated budgets? When will European parties realize that pro-migration has more disadvantages than benefits?”

While most Western countries are already falling far short of sustainable birth rates, which is generally accepted to be at least 2.1 children per family, the United Nations conservatively projects that Africa’s population will explode beyond four billion by 2100, accounting for a third of the world total.

Comparatively, UN projections for High-Income Countries and Middle-Income Countries reflect declining populations by 2100, while Low-Income Countries will continue to experience exponential growth.

A Global Strategic Trends report released by the UK Ministry of Defense stated, “In sub-Saharan Africa alone, some 60 million people are expected to move from ‘desertified’ areas to northern Africa and Europe by 2020, and this figure is highly likely to increase out to 2045.”

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