Hungary PM: 'We Reject Migrant Quotas, But Accept Deportation Quotas With Pleasure'

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that his government rejects any migrant resettlement quotas imposed by the European Union, but will gladly participate in deporting masses of illegal aliens.

Speaking at an event in Rome organized by the nationalist-conservative party Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy), PM Orbán urged Italian leadership to protect its citizens and borders, vowing to support in the effort if they do, while acknowledging that the new government seems to be realigning itself with the globalist agenda.

"Hungary is ready to help Italy in whatever way we can, but there are areas where we cannot help," Orbán said. "We cannot help with the transport and settlement of any migrants in Hungary. That is impossible."

"But once you decide it, we can help you defend your borders, and if you are determined to send home the migrants who are already here, we can help you with that, too."

"Mandatory settlement quotas, we cannot accept, but deportation quotas with pleasure," Orbán declared. "So if PM Conte were to ask the Hungarians to send home a couple of thousand migrants from Italy back to where they came from, then Hungary will be ready and help fulfill such obligations."

Orbán's speech came as EU officials and interior ministers from Italy, Germany, France, and Malta met in Birgu, Malta, to hammer out the details of a new 'migrant resettlement' agreement reportedly based upon on a European Solidarity Mechanism signed by 15 countries in June.

"Europe is entering a phase in which anti-migration governments could be subject to increased pressure and face attempts to cram mandatory migrant quotas down the throats of European countries," warned Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó during an interview on Sunday.

Prime Minister Orbán's full speech with English subtitling can be viewed at Vlad Tepes blog.

Dan Lyman joins The Alex Jones Show to shed light on the growing immigration crisis in Europe.

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