Hungary Praises Italy For Rejecting Migrant Ship

Hungary’s foreign minister phoned Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to congratulate him for rejecting a ship operated by open borders activists and laden with migrants, despite immense international pressure.

FM Péter Szijjártó, a hardline immigration hawk, praised the newly-formed Italian government for its renewed dedication to defending Europe’s borders after years of neglecting to do so.

“The Hungarian government appreciates the unequivocal commitment of the new Italian government to the restoration of the security of Europe and the people of Europe,” Szijjártó said. “With the recent decisions of the Italian government, it has clearly demonstrated that the borders of Europe, including the sea border, can be protected, and the smuggling can be ruled out.”

“The steps taken by the Italian government further highlight the inadequacy of the immigration policy in Brussels, which has been unable, over the past three and a half years, to build up the capacity to defend European borders and who have been constantly attacking those who have spoken frankly about the security risks of migration.”

Italy sent shockwaves through the European liberal order when Salvini declared that the MS Aquarius, a ‘research vessel’ known for ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe under the dubious claims that the non-governmental organizations operating it are merely ‘rescuing refugees’ stranded at sea, was not allowed to dock in any Italian port.

"Today even the ship Sea Watch 3, a German NGO flying Dutch flag, is off the coast of Libya waiting to take the umpteenth load of immigrants, to bring to Italy," Salvini tweeted. "Italy has stopped bending its head and obeying, this time THERE ARE THOSE WHO SAY NO!"

After the ship was also barred entry by Malta, the new socialist prime minister of Spain intervened, offering to provide “safe port” for the ship and its occupants.

Italian military ships were dispatched to escort the Aquarius to Valencia, subsequently sharing the passenger load as well, leaving some to wonder how future migrant deliveries will be handled - whether Italy will completely remove itself from the equation, or simply lend aid to arrivals while deflecting them to neighboring countries.

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