Official Warns: 100,000 Migrants Gathering at EU Doorstep

Hungary is ringing alarm bells, warning that over 100,000 migrants are now gathered on the Balkan peninsula and threatening to flood Europe in a new crisis potentially rivaling 2015.

During an emergency convention of the Fidesz party's anti-migration cabinet, State Secretary Szilárd Németh asserted that while the situation is currently under control, things are “beginning to look like the big crisis in 2015.”

Nemeth confirmed 100,000 migrants are amassing in the Balkans, and if they are “let loose on the Hungarian border, there could be big trouble, and we must prepare for that possibility.”

Hungarian police recently released photos and video showing migrants employing different methods to break through border barriers, including the use of underground tunnels.

"In an interview on Kossuth Rádió this morning, György Bakondi, Prime Minister Orbán’s chief security advisor, said that although the strongest pressure falls on Hungary’s border with Serbia, 'an increase in illegal activity has been registered on the Croatian, Romanian and Ukrainian borders as well,'" Orban's spokesman, Zoltán Kovács reports.

"While the number of registered migrants on the Balkans route reaches 106 thousand, Bakondi said, we can only estimate the extent of illegal arrivals."

Bakondi went on to warn, “We are in the 24th hour to stop this suicidal policy, [we must] halt mass, illegal immigration and keep border protection under organized control.”

Hungary recorded a significant spike in illegal border crossing attempts in November, and total apprehensions for 2019 are already more than double those of 2018.

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