Hungary Thwarts Over 500 Illegal Border Crossings in One Day

More than 500 illegal border crossers were recently intercepted in a single day by Hungarian authorities.

The Hungarian government released stunning footage of organized migrant mobs storming border barriers just hours before hundreds of aliens tried to penetrate various points along the country's frontier.

In a series of clips shot both at night and in broad daylight, migrants can be seen assailing a multi-layered fence system erected along Hungary's border, with some groups using ladders to cross over extensive barbed wire barriers.

"This is how migrants try to get to Hungary at the southern border closure. Soldiers and police are doing their job," the government wrote alongside a video shared on social media.

The groups in each scene appear to consist almost exclusively of 'military-aged' males.

Just hours after the video was posted on Saturday, Hungarian border patrols apprehended or repelled more than 500 foreigners trying to enter their territory.

"On September 19, 2021, a total of 343 border violators were arrested and 187 people were prevented from entering the territory of Hungary illegally," the National Border Police explained in a press release.

"During their inspections, the detained illegal migrants declared themselves to be Syrian, Palestinian, Tunisian, Afghan, Pakistani, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian and Egyptian citizens, but could not provide credible evidence of their identity or the legality of their stay in Hungary. The police escorted them back to the temporary security border in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force."

Authorities clarified that nine suspected human traffickers were among those arrested during this span.

Hungary's frontier is constantly under siege by illegal migrants, particularly along the Serbian border, which serves as a gateway from the Balkan Peninsula to the European Union.

The country sealed its southern border at the onset of the coronavirus crisis in March of 2020, warning illegal migrants could easily carry the virus into Europe.

While migration pressure from the Balkans decreased during mid-2020, it picked up in other regions.

The number of migrants attempting to illegally cross into Hungary via one county in Romania doubled last year, as Infowars Europe reported in November.

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