Hungary Focusing on Boosting National Independence

Over the coming period, Hungary’s government will turn its focus to boosting the country’s national independence, Cabinet Chief Antal Rogan said on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference ahead of the 19th annual Civic Picnic in Kotcse, in southwestern Hungary, Rogan said Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s address to the event would focus on Hungary’s achievement and protection of its independence and the need to strengthen it in the coming years.

This requires a strong and successful economy, which is achieved through a sovereign and independent economic policy like the one the government has been pursuing in recent years, he said.

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Not only has Hungary had an outstanding economic growth rate in recent years, it has been one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union, and specifically central Europe, Rogan said. The edge Hungary has over its central and eastern European peers right now in terms of growth is the result of the government’s economic policy and economy protection action plan, he added.

In the coming years, the government will focus all its resources on creating a strong economy, the cabinet chief said, emphasising that this was crucial for supporting families and maintaining the stability of the value of pensions.

Asked about the upcoming municipal elections, Rogan said they would be about the suitability of the candidates rather than politics or ideology.

“The Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance has many tried and tested mayors who have proven themselves over the past 9-13 years and are fit to lead their localities,” he said.

Traditionally the participants are not allowed to disclose details of the speeches held in Kotcse. Politicians asked by the media told only short comments, such as the PM’s speech was “fascinating” and “thought provoking.”

According to’s and ATV’s information, Orban said that the Hungarian economy is doing excellently, so he didn’t speak too much about it. He mentioned the need to “rebuild Central Europe” and stressed the importance of highways connecting the neighbouring countries.

Orban also emphasised demographics and family support, praising the Demographic Forum which was held in Budapest this week. He said he’ll address two sensitive topics after the local elections, regarding drug use and LGBT adoption, but he was rather vague.

According to Orban, the failure of Matteo Salvini in Italy and Heinz-Christian Strache’s in Austria is only a “temporary defeat” for the “national forces,” including Fidesz. He said it would be a breakthrough if Salvini became prime minister and he hopes that this will happen.

He also mentioned that Germany position in Europe has weakened, among other reasons because the CDU has been in coalition for a long time.

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