Hungary: Van Packed With Dozens of Migrants Slams Into House

Dozens of people were injured when a sprinter van loaded with illegal migrants crashed into a house in Hungary last week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of February 16 in Forráskút, a village near the Serbian border.

The driver of a cargo van lost control at high speed and slammed into the wall of a house, Hirado reports.

At least 29 people were injured in the wreck, including 28 migrants and the driver, who was identified as a citizen of Belgium.

"Most had chest, abdominal, pelvic and lower extremity injuries, and were crammed into a van designed for far less than that number of people,” said emergency services spokesperson Attila Zentay.

“A lot of people were thrown out of the vehicle on impact and suffered serious injuries as a result.”

The driver had to be freed from the vehicle by firefighters and was one of 17 whose injuries were classified as severe.

“The van carrying the migrants crashed into a house wall at an intersection for an unknown reason, and 28 illegal migrants and the driver were injured in the accident," explained police spokesperson Szilvia Szabó.

"Proceedings have been initiated against the man for causing a road accident and human trafficking, which resulted in a mass accident."

A similar smuggling crash also involving 28 migrants reportedly occurred the previous week in Kiskunlacháza, a city in central Hungary.

In December, seven people were killed and four injured when a vehicle carrying migrants plowed into a house in the Hungarian spa town of Mórahalom.

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