Hungary PM Pits "Anti-Communist Christians" Against Globalist Elite For Europe's Future

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared "anti-communist Christians" are the future of Europe as the globalist elite lose their grip on power.

Speaking to an assembly at a Hungarian political rally in Transylvania, Orbán championed the rejuvenation of Central Europe as a bastion for "Christian democracy," one in which the nation-state serves as the model for individual countries who also work together to protect European culture, people and values.

"There are alternatives to globalism. Central Europe’s path is the path of the alliance of independent nation states," Orbán said. "The leaders of the EU are incompetent. They failed to protect Europe from migration. The European elite has failed, and the European Commission is the symbol of this."

"We have to show them that there is an alternative to liberal democracy. It’s called Christian democracy," Orbán added, referencing critical 2019 European Parliamentary elections.

"And what will happen if the elite of '68 steps down? Then it will be our turn. The generation of 1990 will arrive to European politics: a generation of anti-communist Christians with a national spirit,” he continued. “Thirty years ago, we thought our future was Europe. Now we are Europe’s future.”

Orbán believes the revival of Central Europe and the Carpathian Basin should rest on five fundamental pillars, which Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltán Kovács summarizes thusly:

  • All central European countries have the right to protect their Christian culture and reject forced multiculturalism by the EU
  • All of these countries have the right to protect the traditional family model and all children should have the right to a mother and a father
  • All countries have the right to protect their key economic sectors
  • All countries have the right to protect their borders and reject immigration
  • All countries should have the right to stick to the principle of “one nation, one vote” in the EU

"Liberal democracy has become liberal non-democracy," Orbán said. "We Central Europeans claim that there is life beyond globalism."


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