Hungary's Ruling Party Widens Lead Ahead of EU Elections

With just over a month to go until the European parliamentary elections, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance has widened its lead over its rivals, according to a fresh poll by the Szazadveg Institute.

If the elections were held this Sunday, 36 percent of the entire electorate would vote for Fidesz.

In the whole sample, 9 percent would vote for the opposition conservative Jobbik, while the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance would garner 7 percent of the vote.

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) would get 5 percent, with opposition LMP and the liberal Momentum Movement both standing at 3 percent, the poll showed.

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The radical nationalist Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) Movement would get 1 percent, with all other parties garnering 2 percent of the vote. Fully 34 percent of those asked were uncertain of their party preference.

Among decided voters, Fidesz is supported by 54 percent, Jobbik by 14 percent and the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance by 10 percent. DK is backed by 9 percent while LMP and Momentum are each supported by 4 percent. Mi Hazank is backed by 2 percent of decided voters, while all other parties have a combined 3 percent support.

Szazadveg’s phone poll was conducted between April 10 and 21 with a randomly selected sample of 1,000 voting-age adults.

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