Illegal Migrant Spared Prison After Stabbing Woman 14 Times During Home Invasion

An illegal migrant has been declared "insane" and spared a prison sentence by a Belgian court after a brutal stabbing attack upon a woman in her own home, according to local media.

Algerian national Amine M., 28, was waiting in his 48-year-old victim's West Flanders residence when she returned one day in 2018.

"She suddenly heard someone calling to her come to the living room," SCEPTR reports. "There the Algerian man sat waiting for her, smiling."

Amine set upon the woman, throwing her to the floor and stabbing her 14 times in the neck and heart before fleeing the scene, assuming he had killed her.

However, the woman incredibly survived and Amine was later apprehended.

Prosecutors pushed for a 13-year prison sentence, while Amine's defense requested he instead be placed in a mental institution.

Despite psychiatrists determining Amine was of legally sound mind at the time of the attack and could be held accountable for his actions, the court ultimately determined he "is a danger to society, but needs professional help."

Adding further insult to the victim via the ruling, Amine has been ordered to pay her one euro in damages.

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