Illegal Migrant Ordered to Leave Country Unable to Due to Coronavirus Border Closures

An illegal migrant suspected of intentionally damaging at least 38 cars in Belgium was released by police and ordered to leave the country - but cannot do so due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions, according to local media.

The suspect, a 27-year-old Tunisian man, was arrested after allegedly vandalizing nearly 40 vehicles Turnhout on Monday, VRT News reports.

Adding insult to injury, police say many of the car owners may have to fix the damages on their own dime.

“A local resident of the Merodelei called us," said police spokesman Rudy Remijsen. "We immediately sent a team to the site and found a man who had scratched dozens of parked cars over the entire length of the vehicle with a sharp object, perhaps a key.”

"We have left a note on every car that anyone who wants to can file a complaint with us. This will not yield much, since it is an illegal. The insurance may still mean something, otherwise the owners will have to pay the costs themselves.”

After questioning, the Tunisian was reportedly released with orders to leave Belgium immediately.

However, he cannot legally travel out of the country because of border closures implemented amid the coronavirus crisis.

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