Iraqi Criminals Arrested for Kidnapping, Drugging, Raping Teen Girls in Sweden

Two Iraqi migrants with criminal records were arrested for kidnapping, drugging, and raping three underage girls in Sweden over the weekend, according to reports.

The horrifying episode unfolded late last Thursday night in Falkenberg, a small city on Sweden's west coast.

Three girls, one aged 15 and two aged 16, were trapped inside an apartment under undisclosed circumstances.

At least one of the girls was brutally raped before another somehow managed to escape barefoot in freezing temperatures and alert authorities, Morgon Posten reports.

Police arrested two men at the residence during a raid on Friday afternoon.

They were identified as Zayar Kamaran Mahmod, 30, and Sarmad Hazim Barto Blasini, 29. Both are Iraqi nationals.

"Zayar Kamaran Mahmod comes to Sweden from Kirkuk in Iraq during the migrant crisis in 2015, together with his then wife," Samnytt reports.

"He started committing crimes almost immediately, and has since been convicted of theft, illegal driving, violent resistance and minor drug offenses. He is also sentenced to prison for abusing his ex-wife. Mahmod appears throughout nineteen episodes in the charge register."

Blasini arrived in Sweden in 2012 and was granted permanent residence in 2017.

He has been charged with multiple drug offenses while in Sweden.

Authorities are reportedly staying tight-lipped about developments in the investigation.

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