Iraqi Refugees Arrested for Planning Terror Attack - German Police

Three Iraqi refugees were arrested by German authorities and charged with planning an Islamist-motivated attack involving a bomb and a vehicle.

Two 23-year-olds and a 36-year-old were arrested on the “suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence which endangers the state” after a Wednesday morning raid, according to the federal prosecutor’s statement.

“According to the findings to date, the defendants had not yet envisaged a specific target for their attack,” said the prosecutor. “[Further investigation must clarify] whether the accused were involved in a terrorist group.”

The months-long investigation examined Shahin F. and Hersh F., both 23, trying to make a bomb by accumulating gun powder from fireworks and ordering a detonation device from the UK.

The two approached Rauf S., 36, to buy a gun but negotiations proved it was too expensive.

Afterwards, both suspects considered using a vehicle for the attack instead - that was when Shahin began his driving lessons in early January.

All three are currently Iraqi citizens and were granted residence permits as refugees in Germany.

The trio began planning the attack after their arrival in 2015 and one of the suspects wanted to target as many "infidels" (unbelievers) as possible, according to local media.

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