Ireland: Four Stabbed in Massive Brawl at Migrant Hotel

Eight men from Algeria and Georgia were charged following a bloody brawl involving around 20 suspects at a hotel housing migrants in Ireland on New Year's Day, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 8:15 p.m. on Sunday in County Kerry.

A fight between male migrants from Algeria and Georgia broke out at the Hotel Killarney, which is currently being used to house 'asylum seekers,' the Irish Mirror reports.

Four people were stabbed during the altercation before authorities could restore order.

All four were transported to local hospitals and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

In the following days, eight men were arrested and charged - four Georgian nationals and four Algerians.

"The defendants – Fouad Mekhazni (27), Rabah Kouchih (31), Allal Bahzit (27) and Mounir Fadli (34), all from Algeria, and Zurabi Muqtiasvili (36), Levani Guliashvili (32), Giorgi Basharadze (33) and Amiran Meparishivili (36) from Georgia – were residents at Hotel Killarney on Park Road, Killarney, at the time of the incident," the Irish Times reports.

Local residents are "justifiably angry and concerned" about the injection of migrants into their community, according to Councillor Niall Kelleher.

"It was mentioned at the time that there would be 400 single men, which was obviously of a concern in relation to the different nationalities as there would be tensions and those tensions have turned into the shocking reports we've seen today and people around here are justifiably angry and concerned in relation to the reports we've heard last night," Kelleher told RTÉ News this week.

Management of the Killarney Hotel have reportedly stated the facility will be reopened to tourists later this year.

Migrants wreaking havoc at asylum centers and holding facilities in their host countries is a common occurrence, as Infowars Europe has often reported.

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