Islamic Literalists Fueling Rise of Anti-Semitism In Britain - UKIP Chief

Gerard Batten, MEP and current head of UKIP, has asserted that Islamic fundamentalists are fueling a rise of anti-Semitism pervading left-wing British parties and spreading across Europe.

During an appearance on UK talk show Peston On Sunday, Batten highlighted how Labour Party candidates cater to Islamic voters and the toxic effect it is having on the cultural, religious and political environment in the country.

“The reason you’ve got this degree of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, in my view, is because it very much depends on Muslim voters in inner cities, and the Islamic religion is inherently anti-Semitic,” he said. “And therefore they are pandering to a certain section of voters.”

Host Robert Peston hurriedly concluded their discussion and ended the show.

“Just did a slot on Peston on Sunday,” Batten tweeted afterwards. “I expected to be asked questions on UKIP, the local elections, Brexit. Instead the usual biased, slanted approach of the MSM establishment. He didn’t like my answer to his last question though and couldn’t end fast enough.”

In a subsequent interview on the BBC, Batten doubled-down on his original statements when asked to clarify them, to the consternation of his debate opponent, who regurgitated the dubious talking point that Islam “is a peaceful religion,” adding, “what you may be talking about are extremists… and there are extremists within all ideologies.”

“They’re not extremists - they are literalists who take it literally,” Batten replied. “A lot of Muslims don’t, thank goodness, but a lot of people do take it literally.”

Batten’s observations come as mainland Europeans of all stripes have begun to protest the religious intolerance of Islamists across the continent.

Last week, an open letter denouncing the Islamization of France was endorsed by some 300 prominent French figures in politics, media and entertainment and published in Le Parisien.

The manifesto referred to government statistics reflecting that "French Jews are 25 times more likely to be attacked than their fellow Muslims," and accused politicians of obfuscating the issue by silencing dissent because Muslim voters outnumber the Jewish constituency tenfold.

“Why this silence? Because Islamic radicalization - and the anti-Semitism it conveys - is exclusively considered by some of the French elites as the expression of a 'social revolt,' whereas the same phenomenon is observed in societies as varied as Denmark, Afghanistan, Mali or Germany,” the letter stated. “We demand that the fight against the democratic bankruptcy of anti-Semitism become a national cause before it is too late. Before France is no longer France."

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