Islamic Terrorists, Moroccan Soldiers Snuck Into Spanish Enclave During Border Rush

Radical jihadists and members of the Moroccan military illegally entered the Spanish enclave of Ceuta during a historic border rush last week, according to reports.

Spanish authorities are working to track down known Islamic terrorists who blended in among roughly 10,000 migrants who stormed the autonomous city, which lies on the African continent.

Moroccan officials say they spotted the jihadists, who were under surveillance since returning from fighting in Syria, in photos taken during the siege.

Counter-terrorism sources confirmed to La Vanguardia that "Spain is working in 'collaboration' with Morocco to try to find the whereabouts of the individuals whom the intelligence services 'identified' with absolute certainty among the images that were disseminated of the people who crossed the border of El Tarajal."

"The Spanish intelligence services have also verified that among the 9,000 or 10,000 people who crossed the border between Monday and Tuesday, members of the Moroccan army also sneaked in, camouflaged among the people who aspired to achieve better life circumstances."

While thousands of illegals were quickly deported following the 24-hour siege, many still remain inside Ceuta, particularly those who claim to be underage.

Videos posted on social media depict chaotic situations on the ground with mobs of young men attacking residents and Spanish police and fighting each other.

Infowars Europe previously reported on massive payments made by Spain and the E.U. to Morocco to reduce mass migration from Africa.

Bilateral deals struck in 2019 led to a 45 percent decline in migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Spain, with the North African nation receiving tens of millions of euros from Madrid and another 140 million euros from Brussels to mitigate the issue.

"When Morocco wants more money, it opens the tap of immigration and when it receives money, it closes it," Jose Encinas, a representative of the AUGC Guardia Civil police association, warned at the time.

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