Islamist Busted With 1000 Seeds of Ricin Plant

German authorities have arrested an Islamist for possessing a highly toxic ricin paste in his Cologne apartment.

According to German intelligence, the suspect had a history of suspicious internet orders including the purchase of 1000 ricin seeds.

Authorities donning protective gear stormed his apartment only after the chemical capable of yielding ricin from the plants was ordered.

"We decided to take very swift action to ward off possible danger," said one police official.

The suspect's name is Sief Allah H., originally from Tunisia and has “officially” been in Germany since 2016.

He is 29-years-old and reportedly married to a German national with four children.

His wife, a recent convert to Islam, was released after police questioning and is not currently under investigation.

Sief’s social media activity demonstrates an ideological alignment to the Islamic State, according to German media.

Based on the evidence, an investigator believes Sief did not act alone and was part of a group that had expert knowledge of such specialized toxins.

"If there's something, he is not alone,” said the investigator to Germany's Berliner Morgenpost.

A few milligrams of ricin is enough to kill and the poison is 6,000 times more powerful than cyanide.

This arrest comes less than a month after French authorities foiled a potential ricin attack by an Egyptian-born student.

(PHOTO: David Young / Contributor via Getty Images)

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