Italian Authorities Evict Migrants, Antifa From Squat House

Dozens of illegal aliens and left-wing activists were cleared from a squalid building near Oulx, Italy, this week, according to reports.

The squat house, which had been occupied by Antifa and adjacent 'anarchist' radicals since 2018, was being used as a 'shelter' for migrants making their way to France.

A total of 53 migrants, most of whom claimed to be from Afghanistan, were moved to asylum facilities in surrounding cities, InfoMigrants reports.

Officials stressed the importance of restoring "legality" and "dignity" to the illegal aliens, who had been staying in "degrading conditions."

The property was reportedly the scene of a brawl between migrants in January in which one man was stabbed.

Italian police charged thirteen European foreigners with "invading buildings" during the raid.

The Europeans are believed to belong to a group identifying itself as "Brisez Les Frontieres" (Break Down the Borders) which is known for occupying buildings and using them in human smuggling operations.

Eighteen more members of the same group were indicted this week in Turin under suspicion of "setting up illegal pro-migrant squats on the Italian-French border," Ansa reports.

Migrants from across the world are accepting the Biden administration's invitation to flood the southern border.

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