Italian Authorities Sound Alarm as Migrants Surge Via Balkan Route

A surge in migrants reaching Italy via its land border with Slovenia has authorities warning the popular Balkan migration route is growing busier again as the weather improves.

Hundreds of illegal aliens have arrived in recent days in Trieste, located in Italy's northeastern province of Friuli Venezia Giulia, InfoMigrants reports, citing Ansa.

“With the beginning of the spring, irregular migrant arrivals from the Balkan route in Trieste are rising: 270 people in the past 8 days and 1,000 since the beginning of the year,” said COISP police union secretary Domenico Pianese.

“If urgent and effective countermeasures are not adopted, the migration season in Trieste will be tiring and risky in terms of men and vehicles.”

At least 140 illegal migrants arrived during a 12-hour span in the beginning of the week, prompting Friuli Venezia Giulia Governor Massimiliano Fedriga to call on Balkan nations to defend Europe’s southeastern frontier more aggressively.

"Already during normal times the situation must absolutely be fought, but in a time of a health emergency, allowing irregular migrants to enter is unacceptable," Fedriga said.

"Law enforcement is making an enormous effort, but we need to take action on a national level with the Slovenian government, the Croatian government, and the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and say 'enough.’ We can't become a European border when we aren’t.”

In late 2019, Hungarian officials warned an estimated 100,000 migrants had amassed on the Balkan Peninsula and were threatening to flood Europe in a new crisis potentially rivaling that of 2015.

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