Italian MP Wants NGO Migrant Ships 'Seized and Demolished'

An Italian official has called for the seizure and demolition of ships operated by NGOs which are collecting migrants and ferrying them to Europe.

Giorgia Meloni, who serves in the Chamber of Deputies as leader of the nationalist-populist Brothers of Italy party, also asserted that NGO boats which defy bans on entering Italian waters should be sunk.

"The only way to stop the ships from leaving is with a naval blockade along the coast of Libya," Meloni said in a video posted to social media. "Second, the NGO ships that violate Italian borders - yes, sink them. [They should be] seized and demolished."

"Third, we need to activate guarded centers in Italy. What are guarded centers? Guarded centers means, when an illegal migrant arrives here, they don't go wandering around."

Meloni said migrants should be held in these centers for as long as it takes to evaluate if they have a legitimate claim to stay in Italy – or if they should be repatriated, which she believes should almost always be the case.

Meloni slammed fellow MP Erasmo Palazzotto, who oversaw a mission by an NGO vessel to defy a ban on bringing illegal migrants to Italian ports - the second violation of its kind in recent days.

"Today, the scandal of scandals is the entrance into Italy – violating Italian laws, forcing their way through the Italian block, trying to go over the Italian boats – by a boat, with illegal immigrants on board, in which the captain at the helm is a parliamentarian of the Italian republic," she said. "I want to tell him that we really have crossed the threshold of what we can tolerate."

Meloni asserted that if parliamentarians are so brazenly flouting Italian laws, then Italy as a functioning state is effectively "finished."

"Democracy is finished, the nation of rights is finished, our sovereignty is finished, our liberty is finished. Everything is finished."

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