Italian Priest Who Worked With Migrants Stabbed to Death by Tunisian Illegal

A Catholic priest known for his work with migrants and the homeless was stabbed to death in Como, Italy, by an illegal alien he had cared for, according to reports.

Fr. Roberto Malgesini, 51, was found with multiple stab wounds and a slashed neck near his home on Tuesday morning, La Repubblica reports.

The suspect, a 53-year-old homeless migrant from Tunisia, may have been "lying in wait" for Malgesini as he went about his morning ministry.

The Tunisian man supposedly suffered from 'mental illness' and had been ordered to leave the country on multiple occasions.

“The place of the murder was below the window of his home at the Piazza San Rocco at Como, Italy,” From Rome reports. “The murder took place a little past 7 a.m., as Father Roberto began his morning tour of the city to bring food to the poor. His body was found at the foot of a tree. His grey Panda, loaded with all the food necessary for the poor, was found at his house, ready to depart.”

Despite the suspect being known for having a violent temper and causing major disturbances in Como, Fr. Malgesini had reportedly befriended him and ministered to him on previous occasions.

“He was a meek person, and he was aware of the risks he ran. The city and the world did not understand his mission,” said Fr. Roberto Bernasconi. “He wanted to convey a Christian message through closeness to these people.”

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